Auditor Security Collection Version 210605


Die neuset version der Auditor CD ist rechtzeigig zu den Linuxtagen in Karlsruhe fertig geworden.
Wichtiger Auszug aus den Release Notes:


!IMPORTANT!! This version has two different ISO versions, becasue the Intel B and the Intel B/G card drivers IPW2100 and IPW2200 does not work well in cooperation. While B cards does not seem to have a problem, systems with B/G cards (ipw2200) seemed to hang during boot. To overcome this problem (until the drivers are fixed) we release two iso's of the CD to support your needs. If you want to be able to use Auditor Security Collection on a system with an IPW2200 card you need to download the "-no-ipw2100" version of the iso otherwise it will not boot. A system with B card based on IPW2100 will work with it, but no driver will be loaded for the B only card. If you never run it on a System with IPW2200 take the "ipw2100" version, the ipw2100 driver is included in this version.


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Klicken Sie hier um die aktuelle Auditor Version auditor-200605-02-ipw2100.iso als .iso file per HTTP herunzerzuladen.
Klicken Sie hier um die aktuelle Auditor Version auditor-200605-02-no-ipw2100.iso als .iso file per HTTP herunzerzuladen.


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